About Us

Primitive Home Decors 
We have been serving customers for over a decade offering a wide range of primitive and country themed products as well as an ever expanding line of more contemporary styles.

Because we keep the products in our own warehouse we're able to combine everything you need into one box and deliver packages quickly. Most orders ship the same day.

Primitive Home Decors is a small family owned business and we still treat customers the old fashioned way - the way we expect to be treated when we shop online ourselves. If we make a mistake we'll own it and get it straightened out right away. We're here to help through every step of the process.

It's a little more Primitive than the bigger online stores, but we find customers really appreciate the extra attention and personal service. We call it Practicing the Golden Rule Online. Kinda like the original country stores used to do it - it's just not face to face.